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Tuesday 15 October 2013


I have decided to try crowdfunding for something a little smaller.. 

This is a crowdfunding project to receive a Paypal card reader to allow DDC Vinyl to become more sustainable as a brand.

At present I can only accept card payments through Paypal online, so when I attend events and shows I am only in a position to accept cash payments. When some of my more expensive items are on show this limits sales and customers aren't always in a position to purchase direct, right there and then.

I would like to be in a position to accept payments no matter whether they are cash or card, so have made a crowdfunding project to try to achieve this.

In return for promising to the project you receive a reward depending on the value of your promise. So in effect not only are you assisting DDC Vinyl to expand the ways payments can be accepted, you are also receiving a reward for doing so.

No money is taken when you make the promise, this is only taken after the final day and only if FULL funding has been received. If full funding is received your payment will be taken (as two separate payments) and your reward will be arranged.

So please consider making a promise to the project and receive a reward from DDC Vinyl at the same time.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Rewards available over at www.bloomvc.com/project/Pimp-My-Printer

If you are in a position to promise and full funding is received these are the rewards available.. please also share this post if you can.. the more people that know about not only mine but others crowdfunding projects - will allow this fantastic way of being part of someones dream a reality.. 

Star On The Site
Every penny truly does count.. promise a fiver and your name will go on to a special page on the website for *Project Funders* and you will receive a special mention on the Facebook page too.

Immortalised On Media
Promise a tenner and you truly will have your name immortalised.. not only on the website page for *Project Funders* and with a special thank you on Facebook but also on a special banner that will be placed on stalls at all events attended.

Mugs Away
All promises of twenty five pounds will receive the above rewards and a special, limited edition mug that will have a design commissioned, especially for the project funders only. This design will not be available elsewhere  Tangible rewards can only be posted within the EU.

Lets Get Shirty
Promise fifty pounds and not only will you receive all of the above rewards.. including the thank you, immortalisation on media and a special, limited edition mug.. but you will also receive a matching, limited edition design t-shirt and a 5% discount on products for 12 months. Tangible rewards can only be posted within the EU.

Snug In A Hoody
WOW.. promise one hundred pounds and receive all the above rewards and a special, limited edition hoody to keep you snug in winter.. but instead of a 5% discount, you will receive a 10% discount on items for 12 months. Tangible rewards can only be posted within the EU.

and the final, yet extremely special reward..

Deep Pockets
Promise the megatastic amount of two hundred pounds and receive the same rewards as promising one hundred pounds.. with a very special added bonus - you will receive the opportunity to have your design used on a range of products at DDC Vinyl and you will receive the first of a run of t-shirts with your design in place. Your name will also be immortalised in your design on every product that uses that image. *Please note that no royalties will be received from the range and all images must be of your own design and not include any copyrighted or licenced material. Tangible rewards can only be posted within the EU.

I know I keep mentioning this project.. but it will not only help me as a small business expand.. but will also help me to continue to offer new products at the best prices possible to my customers and will allow me to continue my work offering low price merchandise and fundraising to the dog rescues that I do work for.

If the project is fully funded, all promisees receive their chosen reward - and no money is taken unless that full funding is received, so there is no worry that you can't afford to do it if you don't have the money available right now 

I appreciate everything that has been promised already.. and thank each and everyone of you that has - it means a great deal in the support you have given me whether this project goes ahead or not 


Friday 23 August 2013

My projects - Bloom - Be part of the crowdfunding revolution

Ok guys.. 

I would like to introduce you to my new crowdfunding project.

I have been looking into a new printer and processes for a long time now and unfortunately have never been able to organise the funds from the traditional routes. So.. I have tried a fairly new concept of crowdfunding.. this is where lots of people offer small amounts of money via promises and in return they receive rewards for helping to support the business.

I would love to be able to take this through to full funding and then in purchasing the system be able to continue the work I do not only for the public but to continue to help other small businesses with promotional goods and merchandise at the best prices I can offer to help them grow and expand at the same time.. I also want to be able to continue to offer new up and coming products to the dog rescues that I continue to support through offering low cost merchandise for resale, so that they can continue to sell the items and gain much needed funds.

I know this is possibly a little strange for some, asking sometimes complete strangers for money to support my business.. but in return for rewards and the never ending gratitude I hope people can see why I have taken this route.

With this particular method of funding it is an all or nothing project.. if I don't receive all the funds required before the deadline I receive nothing and payments and rewards are not awarded.. please help me to make this an 'ALL' project and not a 'NOTHING' one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.. and I would ask that if you are able to help, please click on the link below and possibly share this post and help my support community grow :)
Nikki x

My projects - Bloom - Be part of the crowdfunding revolution

Monday 6 May 2013

Father's Day approaches..

As Father's Day approaches.. here at DDC Vinyl we have a fantastic range of items that can be personalised to suit.. 

For example, why not a special message mug from your little one/s to the special man in their lives.

This mug can include an image/images and a message.. either something totally cute and warming, or something completely funny.. but totally personal

Why not pop along to either our Facebook page or website and have a look at the items available.. and even add a bag of 30 coffee bean effect chocolates for only £2 extra.

Nikki x