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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Blog Candy

I have decided to offer some blog candy in exchange for something a little different to usual..
I am asking for you to leave a comment containing an idea for a new stamp design..
After a week I will go through the comments with my OH and we will choose someone with a design that keeps in with the DewDrop Craftz theme of being different.. fun.. and quirky...
That person will then receive a little something in the post from DewDrop Craftz...
So.. to be in it.. to win it.. please feel free to leave a comment with your idea..
Good luck..
Nikki x


Bunny B said...

Let's see.. maybe you could have some Japanese anime-looking princesses. Also, have some cute anime characters doing martial arts - judo, aikido, etc. Or have the characters doing something daring like white water rafting, skydiving, swimming with the sharks, bungee jumping! Loads of fun :) Thanks!

bunnybx at gmail . com

Nick said...

please, please could we have a pirate boy? I love the girl one-but I have to make invites for my nephews 5th birthday party in october and I don't think he wants a little girl pirate!

JESSICA said...

Some cute landmarks silhouttes will be great...such as Big Ben, London Eye, Eiffel Tower, Colisseum...you name it! World travelers will be so grateful!

JESSICA said...

...and some more animals! Those are so cute. I fall in LOVE with the lion and the hippo!!!