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Saturday, 4 December 2010

A little advertisment for Summer..

Yes, Summer is our new foster dog.. who has arrived today from Spain.

I just wanted to commend the service of the carrier EasyPet for their professional and caring service.

Summer has travelled from Spain since Thursday and has had ample walks and stops - to be completely refreshed on arrival.

I had regular updates on her journey and kept informed of transportation times etc.

If you ever require your pet travelling to Spain or Ireland.. definately take a look.. and I will be recommending them to anyone asking.

Now - for a few pics :)

 Summer and Neo in our garden.

So... if you think you could give Summer or another Husky/Husky cross a forever home.. take a look at www.huskiesinneed.co.uk and see if you could help.

Nikki x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Looking for a christmas gift ??

Why not take a look at the DewDrop Craftz zazzle shop.. there's a little something for everyone.. and remember most of the products can be customised to include personalised sayings and names :)

Make personalized gifts at Zazzle.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Support Huskies In Need

Please take a look at the Zazzle shop I have created to help support Huskies In Need..
All profit goes to Huskies In Need.

Shop other personalized gifts from Zazzle.

Husky hugs
Nikki xx

Friday, 5 November 2010

Selling on stock..

I am having a sale on crafting accessories on my site over the weekend..

Remember prices INCLUDE UK P&P

Purchase over £10 worth of accesories on this page and receive a £5 digi code for use with DewDrop Craftz Digiz

Hope you see something you need at a great price - perfect for a crafting christmas pressie..

Items include Ribbon, Acrylic Blocks and Zooms

Huge hugs.. 

Nikki xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jim is back...

Yes, Jim In Shorts is back...

I have been kindly given permission by Sally Ann Hancock (DigiStamp Boutique)to use the image for digital use as he is still raising funds for Orchid.. helping raise funds for male cancers..

He is now on the site here and 75p from each sale is going to Orchid..

Every little helps.. so please find space in your digi files to give Jim a home..

Nikki xx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Could you help ??

Hi guys.. I don't normally like posting on here about things other than DewDrop Craftz.. but this is definately worthy.
As a Husky owner myself I frequent a Husky Owners forum.. and we are trying to raise money to help out Merlins owner with replacing his hip if viable.. if not the money will go the the practice that has been dealing with Merlin and sometimes for free.

So.. firstly here is Merlins story..

On the 18th of November 2008 a small bundle of battered fur was intrusted into my care. Merlin had been badly beaten by his owners causing both of his hips to be broken, a bleed on his brain and fractured ribs. He was very scared and still showing the swellings from the beatings.
Posted Image
Merlins owner had bought him at 6 weeks of age and beaten him repeatedly until he was taken away at 14 weeks. He then spent two weeks in an RSPCA animal hospital before comming into foster with me while the RSPCA gaherd evidance to prossicute his owners at the age of 16 weeks. Merlin had been living with his sister up until he was taken away. Two days before the RSPCA got to him his sister had been killed infront of merlin. She had had an impact to her skull causing her to fit and then die.
Through the first few months merlin struggled with everything. He was scared of normal house hold objects and to this day sill runns form cored and rope when its being picked up. I started taking him to training casses to boost his confidence and they worked really well. He was able to meet new people in a safe enviroment and he started to come on leaps and bounds.
In March 2008 Merlin had his first hip replacement. It was complex surgery and the first of its kind as merlins leg had grown deformed due to the impact of the beatings crushing his bones. He has a new hip in his left leg along with a metal plate, alot of wire, screws and cement.
Posted Image

It took six months of intensive physiotherapy and hydrotheraphy before merlin was up and moving again. He hated the physiotherapy and used to scream, howl and bite in a bid to get away from us. It was hot work, but the more we did with him the more he got used to it and now when we go to physio he just lays there and has a nap.
Luckly merlin has always loved the water, so hydrotherapy was great fun for him!
Posted Image

On June the 22nd 2009 merlin turned 1 year old. He was now up and active, loving his life and was turning out to be a wonderfull dog. He still had many behavioural issues but he was making great progress with them. He was getting better at letting new people approach him, would tollerate dogs near him and found out that he loves puppies to bits! He still has a hate of children. We dont know why and it is something I am working on with him. He was still on some pain relief for his legs, but was making vast improvements.
Through the summer months merlin spent days at the beach, laying out in the garden and having walks in the countryside. He started aggility classes and was brilliant at them. He loved every minuet and was starting to have the life he deserved.
Posted Image
I started taking Merlin to some alternative healing evenings. They were based around rakie healing and he really flourrished at them. As soon as we got there he could clearly feel the positive energy and was so happy and would greet everyone! The sessions were also really relaxing for me, i loved the meditations and because i was more relaxed so was merlin.
In september we moved into a new house with a friend of mine. Now it was me, my friend, merlin and poppy the lab. Merlin loves poppy and would follower her anywhere...even over the garden wall and into the fields!! Suddenly my very placed husky had a mind of his own and was acting like a real dog. He would play chase for hours and really enjoyed living in the 
countrysidePosted Image
Over the next two months we made two more additions to the house and then had a full pack. Rosie the rottiand summer the greyhound came to join us and merlin loved every minuet! He is completley in love with Rosie to the extent she can take his food and toys, somthing no other dog and only myself are able to do
Posted Image

Unfortunalty our luck ran out and a few weeks before christmas merlin became lame and was in a great deal of pain on his left hind leg. he went back on some very strong pain killers and completley withdrew into himself. He was like a body with no sole. We went back to the vets and discoverd that his new hip joint had broken away from his pelvis. For a time we thought this would mean amputation...a serious problem considering the other hip is still broken. Merlin went back into surgery a few days before christmas and then came home. It was now touch and go to see what would happen. There was also a complication in surgery. One of the nerves in the leg had been nicked so merlin had no use of his foot and had no pain reflex. Things were not looking good for my little man
Posted Image

It was back to physio and hydro for merlin and crossing of every body part. He had to be kept seperate from the girls and needed carrying everywhere. The only time he could walk/stand was for a quick toilet break. The rest of the time he needed to be keept completley still.
Within a few weeks merlin started to pick up again. He was recovering much quicker this time round and although his foot wasnt working completely correctly he was learning to use it. Through january and febuary he came on leaps and bounds. He started walking about again and was able to go back with the girls mid febuarry, which of course he loved
Posted Image

Its now mid march and merlin is a completley different dog. He is happy, active and loving his walks. While the nerve in his leg is still damaged he has learnt to walk again and can keep up with the girls. The vets have now cleared him to get on with his life and will see him in 6months to see how everything is going and to look at the other hip.
For now he is in no pain and has a good quality of life. His owners have now been sucessfully prossicuted and is in prisson for the next 6 months. The true horrers of merlins life were revealed in whitness statements. Merlin had been tied up and beaten outside with anything that came to hand. Poles, tree branches, ropes had all been used to beat him repetadly. He had also been kicked and punched when ever he got in the way or was "missbehaving". This poor dog went through so much and surrvived it all.
I have decided to keep merlin, there is no way i could give him up after all we have been through. he still has problems with children and some men scare him, however he is in a much better frame of mind that he was when he came to me and im sure he will continue to make progress

Posted Image 
So.. if you are able to donate.. no matter the size of the donation please let me know and I can pass on some details.

Thankyou for taking the time to read Merlins story.

Nikki x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Products now available..

Zoomz are back..

Colours ranging from Chiaro - Clear, all the way through to Rudolph's Nose - Red

These fantastic flat backed embellishments are great for adding to all your crafting creations and give that little added bling.
So why not take a pop along to the site, at the bottom of the page here and see what you think.

Prices include UK P&P

Nikki x

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cougar electronic cutters - monthly payments available.

Now available - Cougar electronic cutters available to UK customers in 4 monthly payments.

Layaway now available to make payments a little more affordable.

For details see Cougar Layaway here.

Nikki x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tiles now available in store..

I would just like to mention another HUGE THANKYOU to Jodie of Bugaboo Stamps for allowing me the rights to exclusively produce Bugaboo images in vinyl in the UK..

I now have the start of a range of tiles in the shop for sale here - with more tile styles and designs coming shortly.

The fantastic images Jodie draws are such a pleasure to work with and look fantastic on these tiles.. and would make great gifts or treats for yourself.

Tiles can be wall mounted or by using a simple plate holder or easel, they can be stood on a mantlepiece or table for show.

So again a HUGE THANKYOU to Jodie.. and if you love comical, sassy and cute digital stamps, why not pop along to see the selection at Bugaboo Stamps - as an added bonus, until 31st July there is a 50% sale too.

Friday, 23 July 2010

BOGOF and more..

Luggage labels - on BOGOF here

Blue, wide grosgrain - on BOGOF here

Clear stamp mystery bag - here

Purchase a Cropper Hopper storage trolley here and receive suprise gift.

Remember all prices shown include UK p&p

Nikki x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

More new products coming soon..

Yes, another product coming shortly..

This time it involves more vinyl.. and tiles..

Yes, we are to be offering tiled sayings, wedding tiles and eventually custom tiles..

So for a little sneak peek of the basic tiles.. 

Nikki x

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Some new additions to the shop..

There are a few new additions to the online shop tonight..

Why not take a peek at some Cropper Hopper storage trolleys here - perfect for storing your craft stash.

These trolleys also are perfect for holding the Cropper Hopper paper storage files show here.

A new BOGOF offer on alterable luggage tags here.

Happy Crafting xx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

DewDrop Craftz would like to welcome Heather to the DT

DewDrop Craftz would like to welcome our new DT member Heather..

A fantastic crafter with some awesome colouring skills.

You can see some of her fantastic creations here on her blog.. so why not pop along and take a peek.

So, joining Jackie, you can see Heathers' creations and tutorials on her blog - and these will also be linked on the website shortly on a new DT page.

Look out for more of the teams creations shortly.
Nikki x

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A little help for a friend..

A very good friend of mine has taken the road to becoming a mumtrepeneur..

If you are looking for some great quality clothes at excellent prices, why not pop along to her ebay page here and see if anything takes your fancy.

Perfect clothes on there at the moment for this lovely hot weather - why not choose a pair of cropped jeans and a lovely summer cami for the fantastic price of only £15.99 (postage extra).

Have a fantastic week,
Nikki x

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Wizard die cutting system and other crafting goodies for sale..

I have been having a huge clearout so have for sale the following..

A boxed, wizard purple die cutting system

It also comes with an unopened pack of spare plates and an unopened Charm Embossing Kit.

I would like £60 to include UK 1st Class recorded delivery.

Payment via Paypal Gift or Bank Transfer

I also have a Xyron 900 and Xyron 510 machine - no cartridge in the 510 but a repositionable one in the 900 - quite a bit left on it too by the looks of it.

I would like £10.00 for the 510 which includes UK P&P 1st class recorded

I would like £20.00 for the 900 which includes UK P&P 1st class recorded

Again, payment via Paypal Gift or Bank Transfer

There is also a box of bits which includes

Embossing powders
Craft hammer and small mat
Sugar Nellie - Hamish fixing tractor - Sugar Nellie with single flower - Sugar Nellie with bobble hat and scarf
Toodles & Binks - Clive Cockran - (Seconds Stamp) unused
A pair of deckle edge scissors
A wooden backed clown stamp
A butterfly stamp
A goldfish stamp
Handprints stamp
3 x Pebeo metal touch 3D paints - hardly used
Some small embellishments
A part used sheet of Kling-On
Some girl/boy ribbon

I would like £23.50 which includes UK P&P 1st class recorded

Payment via Paypal Gift or Bank Transfer

Also there is a listing for some exclusive and limited edition Quickutz dies on Ebay here.

Thankyou for looking.. please note these are up for sale in other places also.

Nikki x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Software for sale..

I have a couple of items of software available for sale that are no longer required.

Web Studio 4 - simple web building software - most functions are simply drag and drop - Manual & Disk £55

Adobe PhotoShop Elements 6 (Boxed) £35

Prices include UK P&P

Email DewDropCraftz@aol.com if interested.

Payment via Paypal gift - bank transfer - cheque (goods dispatched on clearance of funds)

Nikki x

Monday, 7 June 2010

Foil Master - pre-order stock available shortly after 15th June

Yes, the new Foil Master machines will soon be available..

DewDrop Craftz has a small amount of stock available to pre-order and can be done so through the site here.

The machine allows beautifully smooth finishes on foiling and can foil text as small as 2mm as shown in the image below.

A fantastic piece of machinery that would look great in any craft room - with its gorgeous black colouring - giving that sophisticated finish.

Feel free to take a wander on over to the website for more details on the Foil Master.

More foiling images to follow shortly.

Nikki x

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Exclusive vinyls and a HUGE thankyou..

I have mentioned before that I am very lucky to have been given exclusive rights to produce vinyls from images belonging to both Treasure Box Designs and Bugaboo Stamps..  but I haven't had the chance to properly thank them both for the opportunity..

SO.. I am taking this opportunity to publicly thank Dina of Treasure Box Designs and Jodie of Bugaboo Stamps for their generosity and kindness throughout the initial process and for their amazing kindness in allowing me the exclusive rights in the UK. 

I would like to take the time to mention to all you crafters out there, that these are two amazing sites for both paper piecing images and digital stamps.

Treasure Box have some fantastic images both paperpiecing and her images as digital stamps for crafting - that could also be cut by some electronic machines, including the Cougar cutter that I sell - and if you want awesome humourous and cute digital stamps you need to take a trip on over to Bugaboo Stamps. 
*There's a fantastic sale on too*

Also here's a little about the two fantastic owners :)

My name is Dina St.Laurent owner and artist of Treasureboxdesigns.  I graduated with a Degree in Art/Illustration.  I can remember drawing pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa with their little glasses and of course all my many pets. I’ve made cloth dolls, clay sculptures, painted cutesy children’s paintings and handcrafted jewelry.   It’s funny how my style stayed the same with whatever venue I have chosen.

My 14 year old son Nicholas doesn’t share my love of artistic endeavors.  He thinks he’s much to cool for that.  Asking him to go to Michaels with me is like pulling teeth. 

After many artistic, get–rich-quick schemes, I think I’ve finally found my niche.  It keeps me pretty busy but I love what I do!

Jodie - http://www.bugaboostamps.com/home.html

My name is Jodie Mackrell, I am a WAHM of 5!
I live in Pilger, Saskatchewan, Canada.
I am the owner of Bugaboo Stamps, which made its entrance to the digi stampworld in January 2010.
Bugaboo Stamps has a wide variety of digi stamps, from cutesy to sassy characters, with new stamps and freebies being added every week.
Bugaboo prides itself on quality digi stamps and the goal is simple - passing around some smiles and laughter!

So please help to support these two fantastic businesses - and take a peek on over at their sites.

Plus from me a HUGE THANKYOU and hope that you all enjoy seeing the designs in vinyl.

Hugs and happy crafting
Nikki x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Win a Cricut cartridge.. and other prizes..

Yes, it's competition time over at DewDrop Craftz..

With the new look and integration of the new DDC Vinyls - I have decided to offer some prizes in a raffle.

So, between now and the 27th June - anyone placing an order on the site for over £10 will receive one entry into the raffle.. more than one order can be placed throughout those dates - and you will receive an entry everytime over £10 is spent.

There are prizes for the top three winners.. and with first prize being a new Cricut Cake cartridge - Birthday Cakes - interchangable with the other Cricuts.

Second prize is a wall word vinyl worth £20.00

Third prize is a £10.00 digital images voucher

There will also be a mystery prize for the person with the most entries.

New items are to be added throughout the next month - with the introduction of Custom Vinyls coming soon.

New items on the site include luggage tags, the last of the Kathleen Rietz ribbon and some acrylic block sets.
So feel free to pop along and see what you think.

Have a fantastic day.
Nikki x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Shop re-opening later tomorrow..

Yes, finally after a minor technical hitch, I will be re-opening the shop later on tomorrow..

I have new vinyls to list and some other crafty bits too.

I just wanted to show a few of the test vinyls that are being done in anticipation of the store re-opening.

Have fun guys.. and remember there is a mini clear stamp sale on here..

Some of the new vinyls exclusive to the UK from DewDrop Craftz - with huge thanks to Jodie at Bugaboo Stamps.

Please note these are tests and not the sizes that will be on sale.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Shop closed for the week..

Just a quick post to inform you that the shop is closed this week for an update - new look, new products..

But also to inform you that there is to be a clearance sale during the weeks closure - of some of my clear stamps - so I will announce that here too..

So, have a lovely week and i'll be back with more news soon.

Nikki x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Are you powered by anything ??

A brand new test image has been made here at DewDrop Craftz..

The new 'Powered By Fairydust' vinyl will be available shortly and I have the greatest pleasure in announcing the use of one of our new images - exclusive to the UK from Bugaboo stamps.

I have exclusive rights in the UK to produce the Bugaboo range in vinyl and will be slowly releasing some fantastic vinyls.. for home, craft and vehicle use.

The first being the new Powered By image.. and uses one of the new Bugaboo fairys..

Note the image shown is still on its backing sheet and images 
will be sent out with application tape and squeegee.

Coming to the rear of a vehicle near you soon..

Nikki x

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Announcing the winner of the Fairy decal

Thankyou for the interest in the new decal images..

I have taken the seven postees and given them to random.org and the winner has been chosen..

There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. 4
  2. 6
  3. 1
  4. 5
  5. 3
  6. 2
  7. 7
Timestamp: 2010-05-01 08:07:36 UTC

So the winner of the image is............
Alice Young.

So Alice if you would like to email me on dewdropcraftz@aol.com with your address.. as soon as the decals are released, I will send your image out to you.

I will be annoncing the release shortly, so please keep your eyes peeled :)

Thankyou again for taking part.. it is much appreciated.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.. 

Nikki x

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Exclusive - here in the UK from DewDrop Craftz

Have you seen the 3 of a kind image - birds on a branch ?

Think you would love to see more images like this for your crafting - not just on vinyl ?

Why not take a peek on over at Treasure Box Designs website.. a fantastic site full of images for both paper piecing and fantastic digi stamps.

Site owner Dina - has kindly given me exclusive permission to produce and sell her images as vinyl kits in the UK - so you will be seeing a lot more of Dinas designs..

So here is a little bit about Dina, which gives the insight in how the site was started.

My name is Dina St.Laurent owner and artist of Treasureboxdesigns.  I graduated with a Degree in Art/Illustration.  I can remember drawing pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa with their little glasses and of course all my many pets. I’ve made cloth dolls, clay sculptures, painted cutesy children’s paintings and handcrafted jewelry.   It’s funny how my style stayed the same with whatever venue I have chosen.

My 14 year old son Nicholas doesn’t share my love of artistic endeavors.

He thinks he’s much to cool for that.  Asking him to go to Michaels with me is like pulling teeth. 

After many artistic, get–rich-quick schemes, I think I’ve finally found my niche.  It keeps me pretty busy but I love what I do!

So.. take a wander on over and take a peek - there is even a gallery for inspiration.
I can promise you that you will enjoy your visit.
If you make a purchase from Dina - please mention DewDrop Craftz.

  Enjoy - Nikki x

Monday, 26 April 2010

A fairy busy day...

Today saw the DewDrop Craftz initial test for the new Fairy images that are soon to be released..

These images will be released as a range of vinyls - perfect for a bedroom wall or to adorn a vehicle or even your personal scrapbooks..

These are only test images at the moment - but release shouldn't be too far away..

Comment on this post and be in with a chance of winning one of these gorgeous fairy vinyls for yourself.

Comments will be entered into the draw until midnight on Friday 30th April (GMT)

There has been a comment about them being turned into digi images.. unfortunately I do not have the licence to do this - which is a shame as they would make fantastic images :)

Nikki x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Another test image..

More test images - coming soon... 
DDC vinyls has been given express permission from Dina to release a range of original images by TreasureBox Designs.

Nikki x

Coming very soon..

New vinyl wall art and decals..

We are currently test cutting for wall art and decals and are very pleased with the results.. so can't see it being too long before these are available on the website..

A tester image of the wall art shows a two colour image - but there will be one colour options available also.

As well as wall art sayings, there will also be images and car decals.. available from DewDrop Craftz as DDC Vinyls.

A new branch to the DewDrop Craftz tree..

Nikki x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

*New* Butterfly Spiral images...

For all those of you who enjoyed working with the image 'Butterfly Spiral' - there is a fantastic new set of images online to compliment her.

The new images include another female image and two new male images also.

Why not take a peek here.. and see what you think..

Fantastic for colouring with your Copics, Promarkers or Inks.

Happy Crafting.
Nikki x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

New decals coming soon...

We have decided to make some of the Misty B images into a range of decals.

I have the test image on my car now.. and have had some amazing feedback - so have decided to bring them to DewDrop Craftz as DDC Vinyls... where we will also be stocking wall words and other vinyl art..

These will be coming to DewDrop Craftz soon, so keep an eye out for more news here..
Nikki x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

An amazing blog of inspiration.. and some stunning blog candy...

If you have an hour or so spare - please take a peek on over at Maddy's blog..

Not only is her blog full of inspiration - it has some of the most amazing creations i've seen in the crafting world.. whether it be cards or fimo figures.. 

BUT.. she is now offering an amazing chance at owning your very own piece of her fimo work.. including a gorgeous card and box to match..

All you have to do is pop along to the blog here.. and become a follower.. mention the blog candy on your blog and then comment on her post..

Whilst you are there though - I challenge you not to get lost in the world of fantasy and faries that hide within the posts.. and not to leave in awe of this amazing talent..

For a chance to win pop on over now.. you won't be disappointed..
Nikki x

Monday, 15 March 2010

New 'Jade' Images Online..

There are now 11 new images online from Manga artist Jade Love..

Why not take a peek here and see if anything takes your fancy.. 

New images range from cute kittens to an artist and bride..

Inspirational images will be available from the DT shortly..
Thankyou for looking..

Nikki x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Baby Snuggles & Catch Me Mummy ....

Perfect for those last minute Mothers' Day cards...

Why not take a peek at the Sugar Bee Zus range here..

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all those mums in the UK - celebrating Mothers' Day tomorrow.. a wonderful, relaxing day :)

Nikki x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Quickutz specials for sale..

New, unused and in original packaging

Quickutz Summer Of Fun - 6 dies - £50
Exclusive Scrapping Cottage Pirate Ship C-0012-D - £20
Exclusive Urban Scrapyard Monkey C-0011-D - £20
Short Teapot KS-0058 - £15

I also have a used and elusive side facing bee RS-0049 - £15 (not in packaging - just the die)

Postage dependant on number purchased and will post internationally.

Email me here for purchasing.. or why not join CraftsByCarolyn forum and PM me :)

Nikki x

Friday, 12 February 2010

Challenge 7 reminder...

Just a quick reminder that challenge 7 finishes on the 16th Feb... and if you join in there is also a 5% discount on digital images for you too :)

So why not take a stroll on over to the blog here :)

Have a lovely weekend.. and hope the weather isn't too bad where you are..

Hope to see you over at the challenge blog.. 

Happy crafting 
Nikki x

Monday, 8 February 2010

A digital tutorial..

Here's a tutorial for digital image users that have access to 'Word'

All thanks for the tutorial goes to design team member Vix.

If you've just bought your first digital stamp or are thinking about it this tutorial will show how to resize your image using microsoft word.
STEP 1 - Open up word and create a new blank document. Click on INSERT -> PICTURE as shown below then select INSERT PICTURE FROM FILE
STEP 2 - Locate your digital stamp on your PC and click OK. Your image will appear in your word document. It will usually be very large (as shown below) as digital stamps generally are for high quality.

STEP 3 - RIGHT CLICK your mouse and select SIZE. This will bring a pop up box up where you can edit your image to your requirements.

STEP 4 - Use the arows next to the height and width or type in what size you would like. You only need to do either the height OR width as it resizes for you automatically (Lock aspect ratio should be checked)

STEP 5 - You're done! Simply print it out or add more images to the page so you dont use a whole sheet on one image.

The beauty of these stamps is that you can make them small to fit ATC's or large to fit a scrapbook. Have fun!
Image used - Catch me Mummy Designed by Tasha Brown for Dewdrop Craftz

Many thanks again to Vix.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial.
Nikki x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

It's all the buzz..

Brand new release at the DewDrop Craftz digital shop..

Why not take a look at the cute new characters that have arrived by artist Tasha, here.. and a new image by Jade here..

Something for birthdays, new arrivals and more - why not see if there's one for you..

Nikki x

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pazzles Inspiration For Sale.. REDUCED

Please look here for original post for reduced price..
Nikki x

Quickutz lot for sale.. REDUCED

Please see original post here for reduced price..
Nikki x

Bind It All and assortment of wires for sale.. REDUCED

Please see original link for reduced price here..

Nikki x

Saturday, 30 January 2010

One day CRAZY sale..

Look out for tomorrows ONE DAY CRAZY SALE

Utterly CRAZY prices will be hiding in store tomorrow.. 
so keep a look out for them..

Cropper Hopper trolley deals will also be included.. remember these include accessories and UK postage and packaging.

Nikki x

Friday, 29 January 2010

Quickutz lot for sale..

I have a Quickutz Squeeze and a selection of dies for sale.

There is also the cradle and Komfykutz available with 21 QK used clear wallets for holding the dies (these have been written on in permanent pen)

The dies are as follows.. RS-Single Die
KS Double Die

RS-0253 Discontinued Police Hat - comes with info card

RS-0767 Limited Edt. Flower - comes with info card
RS-0125 Retired Flower Pot

RS-0010 Primative Heart
RS-0265 Wooden Sign

RS-0094 Discontinued Stocking
KS-0001 Heart - comes with info card
RS-0610 Pitchfork - comes with info card
RS-0018 Candle - comes with info card
RS-0095 Ducky - comes with info card
RS-0043 Party Hat
KS-0140 Football

RS-0017 Balloon - comes with info card
RS-0375 Discontinued Rik Rak
RS-0423 Purse - comes with info card
RS-0672 Button Tab - comes with info card

KS-0499 Discontinued Paint Roller - comes with info card
KS-0497 Discontinued Paint Can - comes with info card
RS-0158 Diploma
KS-0494 Discontinued Party Hat - comes with info card
KS-0493 Discontinued Cupcake - comes with info card
KS-0446 Puzzle - comes with info card
KS-0436 Discontinued Garden Tools
RS-0349 Flower DooDads
KS-0286 Discontinued Suitcase - comes with info card
KS-0433 Discontinued Gift Bag - comes with info card

More may now be discontinued.. but have not updated my list - details can be found on the QK website.

I would like £70 NOW £65 which includes UK Postage - Payment via Cheque (UK ONLY) or paypal GIFT please.

This is for sale elsewhere also - if interested please leave a comment or email me :)

Nikki x