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Friday, 5 June 2009

Imagepac competition..

The Imagepac competition closed it's doors on the 31st May with sadly only one entrant :(

As Minxy uses the Imagebox and not the Imagepac system the prize has been altered to allow her to use it.. (as Imagepac sachets are not used in the Imagebox as this is a UV system)

So Minxy has won 10% discount off all her future sachet orders from DewDrop Craftz making her stamps even more economical to make..

I want to thank Minxy for taking the time to enter.. and love the stamps she has been making with her box.. and hope that when she decides to put them up for sale she will let me know :)

So.. congratulations.. and thankyou..

Nikki x


Minx said...

I so forgot all about this i'd been so busy lol.. still cant believe i was the only one lol
Thank you so much for the 10% offer, guess i should get making!
Will definatly let you know when the stamps go on sale... hopefully in the not too distant future x

Nikki said...

More than welcome hun.. just wish it could have been more for your efforts..

Please let me know when they go on sale and I will blog about them here and on my site :)

Nikki x