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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I have decided to try crowdfunding for something a little smaller.. 

This is a crowdfunding project to receive a Paypal card reader to allow DDC Vinyl to become more sustainable as a brand.

At present I can only accept card payments through Paypal online, so when I attend events and shows I am only in a position to accept cash payments. When some of my more expensive items are on show this limits sales and customers aren't always in a position to purchase direct, right there and then.

I would like to be in a position to accept payments no matter whether they are cash or card, so have made a crowdfunding project to try to achieve this.

In return for promising to the project you receive a reward depending on the value of your promise. So in effect not only are you assisting DDC Vinyl to expand the ways payments can be accepted, you are also receiving a reward for doing so.

No money is taken when you make the promise, this is only taken after the final day and only if FULL funding has been received. If full funding is received your payment will be taken (as two separate payments) and your reward will be arranged.

So please consider making a promise to the project and receive a reward from DDC Vinyl at the same time.

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