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Saturday, 11 October 2008

I've received an award..

I have woken this morning to find I have been given an award from Calv whom I know from CraftsByCarolyn.co.uk and his amazing and fruity blog http://mishapsinthemaking.blogspot.com

This is what he had to say: " For the third one, i would like to give the third award to Nikki at Dewdrop Craftz! I get the impression that Nikki works harder than many people realise, yet she always has time and encouragement for people. She has made some gorgeous personal rubber stamps for me and my girls, but has also encouraged me to design some of my own. Advice is always on hand every step of the way when dealing with Nikki so a big thank you heading your way for all you do. :) "

So for that I am truly appreciative.. and is lovely to know that Calv feels this way about how I conduct myself within my business..

So.. wishing I could pass the award back, as Calv is such an inspiration to many.. and has helped me also on many occasions, I can now have the pleasure of passing this award on to two or more other people who have helped and inspired me..

A difficult thing to do when people help and inspire me daily... but my first award goes to Adele for everything she has done for me over the past few months.. even dispite everything she has had going on in the background, she has always worked so hard as part of my design team and produces such inspirational pieces.. You can see her work here on her blog and I am sure you will agree.. So, here's to you Adele.. and thankyou..

My second award goes to Carolyn, of Crafts By Carolyn fame.
Someone who is very inspirational to me in many ways.. Carolyn not only makes amazing projects, but has the most gorgeous inspirational recipes on her blog too.
Carolyn works very hard to keep the forum working and always helps if there is something you request.
I know how difficult it is keeping a forum running and upto date and Carolyn does this with the help of her OH to a T..
So for being inspirational in so many ways.. here's an award for Carolyn.

I could now easily send an award to all of my stamp designers for being so amazing and working so hard for getting their images to me..but I would be here all day.. so here is an award to all of my designers as a whole.

I have loads of people I could send awards to.. and I would like to thank everyone who has been so helpful to me in my small business world.. but also to all those bloggers out there who are so inspirational to everyone.
I hope this award finds itself winging its way to many more helpful and inspirational people and thankyou again Calv for passing one to me..


maddy hill said...

well done Nikki , you truly deserve it , you work amazing hard xxx always keeping your design team busy and searching for new designers for your stamps - well done ! i hope it has given you a big smile today xxxxxx


Adele said...

Oh wow Nikki, congrats for the award. You truely deserve it and I hope that your hard work brings you sucess and happiness.

love Dingle.xx