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Sunday, 27 April 2008

What a weekend..

Well with the weather being so nice.. I decided to make the most of this weekend and demolish my front room... get rid of a heap of craft items that I have never used.. or used a few times.. and minimise my furniture..

After all that I managed to get out with my 17mth old daughter a few times to feed the ducks down the river.. and generally make the most of the gorgeous sunshine we've been having..

So.. that means, that this week.. I can release a few more of my stamps..

I am not yet decided which ones.. so you will have to keep an eye out...

I am also getting a few new designs in.. and these should be released shortly too..

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.. and here's to a great week too...

Nikki x

Friday, 18 April 2008

One of those weeks...

Well.. where do I start...

Firstly after not being well myself last week.. and my 16mnth old daughter the same.. I thought this week would be a breeze.. but no... Monday night my OH came home ill from work... and has been unwell untill yesterday..

I have had so much I wanted to get done.. but seems that the week has gone by without me.. so everything I wanted to get done is going to be squeezed into the weekend.. mmmm 5 days work, into 2..

If all goes to plan.. there will be some news here for you all regarding new stamps.. if it all goes to pot.. I will be telling you all where I want to go on holiday..lol..

Hope you all have a great weekend..
Nikki x

Thursday, 3 April 2008

One of those days...

Well... today hasn't been a good day... but hey ho, that's the way the cookie crumbles.. *oh how I could do with an extra large one of those right now*

Anyways.. getting all the details sorted for a few more stamps that are being released over the weekend.. these are a few stitched effect stamps and some other animals..

Within the next few weeks there are going to be more releases including a few plates of text and some great sayings..

So.. keep your eyes peeled and thankyou for looking..

Nikki x